Xbox continues its reign at top for 24th straight month

Microsoft announced yesterday that its Xbox 360 gaming console still holds the top sales spot thanks to 1.4 million unit shipments in December 2012. This makes it the 24th straight month to see Xbox’s reign at the top of console sales, as per data released by NPD Group.

Microsoft revealed that data released by NPD group also shows that in December, Xbox 360 held seven of the top 10 console game titles, including “Halo 4,” “Assassin’s Creed III,” “Just Dance 4,” “NBA 2K13,” “Far Cry 3,” “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” and “Madden NFL 13.” Meaning Xbox or Microsoft got most of the console spending from the consumers during the same period.

Originally announced in 2005, Xbox is crying for a replacement, and if it was not for the introduction of Kinect, Microsoft might not have held the sales crown for so long.  We are expecting to see the new Xbox debut this year’s E3.

Microsoft’s Xbox ambassador Major Nelson has already started teasing an announcement at E3 by starting a countdown for the event on his blog.

PS: Microsoft might be happy quoting data from NPD group, as it shows Xbox at the top, but IDC has an interesting fact to add. According to the research firm, in December 2012, Sony’s PS3 eclipsed the number of Xbox 360’s shipped worldwide, despite the PS3 launching a year later than the Xbox 360 (an estimated 77 million bundles versus approximately 76 million bundles shipped). To put it in more perspective, while NPD group is talking about monthly sales, IDC is talking about total shipments, but still you get it – right? Not everything is going great for Xbox and we need a new one.

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