Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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Two top Yahoo executives leave the company


Yahoo Chief Information Security Officer Justin Somaini and Yahoo Connections SVP Shashi Seth have been confirmed to have left Yahoo, notes All Things D, which was first to report on their departure. The exact reasons for the sudden departure of these two executives is not clear right now, but Justin’s end of days at Yahoo might be related to the …

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Anonymous hacks MIT website; leaves tribute for Aaron Swartz


Internet is dealing with Aaron Swartz’s suicide in different ways, while some are paying tribute to this free-information activist by uploading academic papers online for free (#pdftribute), others like Anonymous are doing what they do the best – hacking. This hacker collective broke into two of MIT websites earlier today and posted memorials for Aaron Swartz. The hacked webpages have …

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Aaron Swartz commits suicide


Computer Activist and early Redditor Aaron Swartz committed suicide on January 11, 2013 in New York City, reports The Tech. He was 26 and the news of his demise was confirmed by both his Uncle Michael Wolf and attorney Elliot R. Peters of Kecker and Van Nest to The Tech. For those of you unaware about Swartz, he was an …

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